The smell of honeysuckle. My grandmothers irises are blooming in my mother’s garden. When can I put the seeds in the ground? What’s a flower and what’s a weed? The creek never quits. We can’t eat another frozen pizza this week. The grid is an observational drawing. Teaching observational drawing on Monday. Stir the indigo vat everyday. Agnes, don’t bother the snakes. We are out of WiFi. Harvest the last Anemones. Spooky eats them. Bumble bees and hummingbirds. Humble bees and bumming birds. 6 acres is a lot with a push mower. Dip the linen in the indigo vat, hang it on the clothesline, do it again. Sewing machines always break. It’s ladies day at the antique store. Make a cyanotype between the clouds. I could live off the smell of rain and honeysuckle.