I have been sewing since before my feet could touch the ground to press the sewing machine’s pedal. It was a natural progression for me to let go of paint as a medium and begin to use fabric and sewing as a material and process for my work. I’m a painter that paints with fabric, thread, and a sewing machine as my medium. My paintings consist of a square stretched piece of fabric that has been manipulated using a traditional sewing technique called trapunto*

When there is less to see, everything becomes exponentially more important. I am using the grid as a way to compose my pieces. I feel that the grid allows for an extremely organized composition that can then be manipulated into an infinite number of proportions. 

* Trapunto [truh-poo n-toh] : (noun) quilting having an embossed design produced by outlining the pattern withsingle stitches and then padding it with yarn or cotton.